Introducing Clan Leagues:

A Competitive Adventure for Your Clan


Are you ready to take your clan to the next level of competition and earn some epic rewards along the way? Look no further than Clan Leagues, the exhilarating system of leagues designed to test your clan's prowess and camaraderie.

How it Works:

Clan Leagues operate on a season-based format. Each league season kicks off and concludes with the Heroic Heist, setting the stage for intense competition from start to finish.


At the heart of Clan Leagues lies the coveted League Points. These points serve as the primary currency within the league system, earned through two primary methods:


  • Daily Fortunes Challenges: For every challenge conquered, players receive a generous number of League Points, fueling your clan's ascent through the ranks. From standard tasks to bonus challenges, there's no limit to the League Points you can accumulate here. 


  • Heroic Heist Bosses: Engage in the ultimate test of skill and coordination by defeating bosses in the Heroic Heist. Each victorious encounter automatically adds League Points to your clan's balance, further enhancing your standing within the league.