Introducing the Heroic Heist: an electrifying event specially crafted for the fearless heroes that make up your clan. Picture yourself embarking on an adventure of epic proportions, where challenges and rewards intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. Get ready to embrace the thrill of the Heroic Heist!


The Heroic Heist is a regular event designed for active clan members, offering great rewards. During this event, both individual clan members and the entire clan can earn valuable coins and other rewards, as well as Clan XP.

The Heroic Heist lasts for one week, and it starts and ends at the same time for all clans in the game. After the initial start, every seven days, it rekindles, ensuring an unbroken chain of opportunities.

The Heroic Heist consists of 6 sequential goals, which are represented by Doors

Six doors, twenty-four Bosses – a symphony of battles. These bosses are randomized every week, ensuring a fresh challenge for each clan. 

❗️Listen well, valiant adventurers, for the spoils of the Heroic Heist are yours to claim! To unveil these treasures, your clan must stand united and face the mighty Bosses that guard them. Each Boss defeated provides a specific reward, and players receive the reward for the last Boss they defeat during the event.

When the week comes to its end, all current Clan Members are eligible to receive rewards, including personalized ones like coins and gems. Additionally, the clan as a whole gains Clan XP for their collective achievements during the Heroic Heist.


Get set for an amazing journey with your clan! The Heroic Heist event awaits, packed with challenges and fantastic rewards. As you conquer Bosses and reach goals, you'll strengthen your clan's unity and earn great prizes.

Join the adventure of the Heroic Heist and prove your clan's prowess. Get ready for victories and rewards like never before🥇