The more you play, the more you get. With a Mission Pass, you can reap all the benefits you've been looking for.
In the Mission Pass, fill the progress bar with mission points and get the rewards. Once you reach a new level, you get the prize.
How to earn the mission points?
- complete daily missions;
- complete regular challenges;
- take part in Grand Collection, Infinity Adventure, Decoration, Ballinko, and Stars Rush;
- complete Infinity Slots stories albums and spin in Mystery cards,
- play the Hourly Bonus mini-game.
How to unlock the gold prizes?
You need to acquire a Mission Pass key or a Mission Pass bundle to access the gold prizes:
- the Mission Pass key lets you collect the premium rewards you see on the bottom panel;
- get a Mission Pass bundle to unlock premium rewards and skip the indicated number of levels right away.
Once you complete all the Mission Pass levels, you fill the progress bar to open the final chest with a great reward.
Super Pass
If you got really carried away with this event and you want to get more rewards, Super Pass is a great option to get some! After opening the final chest, and you will get the opportunity to obtain our Super Pass.
Get the points, complete levels, collect your rewards and enjoy the final chest gifts!
* Please note that the rewards may differ from those on the screenshot and vary from player to player.