Dear player,

No need to worry. We know how to help you.

Please, follow the instruction below to reinstate access to Scatter Slots:

1) first, you need to uninstall the game

- for iOS: touch and hold the app on the screen until the icon jiggles. Then tap the "X" to delete;

- for Android: go to Settings -> Apps -> Scatter Slots -> Uninstall.

2) install the app again:

- for iOS:
  • open App Store on your device;
  • open the search bar in the lower-right corner;
  • enter "Scatter Slots" and tap Search;
  • open the first link;
  • Tap "Install"

- for Android:
  • open Play Store;
  • enter "Scatter Slots" in the Search bar;
  • follow the first link;
  • tap "Install"

3) Attention! It's very important!

Do not log into your Facebook profile when you open the game!

4) Contact our support to get your progress back

If you have any other questions left, you may find our customer support here:

Do not hesitate to ask any questions! We're always glad to help you!