Meowch! That is not ok at all!
We will do all we can to assist you with such cat-astrophe!

If you're experiencing a loss of progress in the game, the first thing to do is to check if your game is still connected to your Facebook profile or if you signed in with your Apple ID (for iOS devices only). If it is, please contact us from the game on your device and provide the following information to help us locate your progress quickly:

  • Your email address (if you've used it before);

  • If you've made any payments, please take a screenshot of the bill and send it to us. (Note: we'll need the transaction ID);

  • The approximate number of coins and level number that you had before your progress was lost.
To contact us, please do the following:
- open the game;
- tap the gear wheel  in the top right corner of your screen;
- choose the 'Support' option;
- describe your issue;
- tap 'send' or 'submit.'
P.S. If you use Facebook for playing, please choose the lower ‘Contact us’ option.