🐾 Welcome to our paw-some adventure of Scatter Journey! 🐾

This claw-some event will have you purring with excitement as you spin your way to paw-sitively amazing rewards.

In Scatter Journey, you'll find a special slot where you can try your luck with three types of spins - Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The better the spin, the bigger the loot 😻

Don't forget, every 24 hours, you're treated to a free spin, and if you're feeling extra lucky, you might snag more in the Daily Adventure. And here's the catnip of the deal - when you purchase any spin, the cooldown for your free spin decreases to a mere 12 hours. Meow-velous!

But that's not all! While spinning those reels, keep an eye out for additional dice that'll allow you to move the character across the map. Keep in mind that it's all a game of chance, and not every spin guarantees those coveted dice.
Using the left and right arrows, you can switch between the main screen, reel, and map views.               

As you traverse the map, discover hidden treasures in chests and aim for the ultimate prize - the final chest, which unlocks a bonus reward! It's a whisker-licking good time, and we assure you, Scatter Journey is one of the best events we've ever purred into existence. So, grab your gaming paws and dive into the surprising rewards and endless amusement of Scatter Journey.

Best of luck! 🐾