Wondering what Scatter Link is all about? Well, it's your ticket to an awesome gaming experience! Scatter Link is a special event where you can try your luck on a 12x5 field. You get 1 free shot, and if you want more chances, there are 3 purchase options.

Here's how it works: Click the "Spin" button, and the 12x5 field starts spinning. Only four rows are open initially. The slot keeps spinning until your attempts run out. You can refresh spins when the icon fills an open cell, but locked rows don't count.

The game ends when you have no spins left. You may get jackpots and multipliers, depending on your purchase. Claw-some, right? 😻

There are two types of fireball icons in the Scatter Link event:

Standard fireballs work their magic when they fill an open cell in the open row. This triggers a series of events – your spins get refreshed, counters on locked rows change, and the standard fireball stays put in the cell until the end of the game.

On the other hand, special fireballs add an extra layer of excitement to the game. These unique fireballs are exclusively available in purchases where multipliers are unlocked. Keep reading to find out what role they serve in the event!

In the Scatter Link, you have the option to open locked rows for more opportunities. To do this, gather a specific number of either standard or special fireballs. The required number of fireballs and their images are shown on each locked row.

Every time you fill an open cell with a fireball, their number gets updated. It's essential to note that fireballs filling cells in locked rows do not count towards unlocking them.

You may also see the multipliers available at the bottom of the Scatter Link screen. They can be unlocked by making a purchase that includes a multiplier.

There are 12 multipliers in total, one of which will be highlighted as "active" at the end of the gameplay. That's when all rewards are multiplied by the active multiplier. 🙀 

Once a special fireball lands on the open cell in the open row, or opens a row that already has a special fireball in it - the multiplier progress bar moves to reflect the change.

There's also a Jackpot Menu that contains 4 standard jackpots - Minor, Mini, Major, and Grand. Once the purchase that includes the Jackpot is made, standard fireballs with jackpot names instead of numbers become available. Jackpot fireballs also get multiplied by the active multiplier at the end of the game. 

Ready for some Scatter Link fun? Spin those reels, collect the fireballs, and unlock the mysteries in each row! It's not just a game; it's a journey full of surprises. Keep your eyes on those multipliers – they're like secret codes for boosting your wins! So, go on, feel the excitement, and let the Scatter Link adventure light up your gaming world! 🚀