Get ready for an amazing gaming experience with the new Coin Pusher event! It's like bringing a real casino coin pusher to your fingertips, complete with cool 3D physics. The goal is simple: win awesome rewards by dislodging coins and watching them fall into the winning zone on the playfield, filled with all kinds of interesting stuff. 😻  

While spinning in slots, you get the chance to win a special event currency known as coins. There are four exciting types of coins that can come your way: bronze, silver, gold, and brilliant.

❗Mind that the bronze coins cannot be purchased in the shop section and the brilliant ones cannot be won while playing in slots - you may only purchase them in the shop.

The value of the coin you win depends on the size of your bet. The higher your bet, the more valuable the coin that could land in your hands.

So here's how it works: when you're playing, just tap the 'Throw' button. Your coin will drop onto the Coin Pusher desk from the coins tray. The Coin Pusher desk moves back and forth all the time, pushing coins and other stuff like bars, rings, and crystals.

Keep an eye on the balance panel – it shows how many of each type of coin you have. The next coin you throw will give you a bigger reward of regular Scatter Slots coins.

Look at the coins turn queue – it shows the order of the coins you're going to throw.

When coins or other items like bars, rings, crystals, and such drop into the payable zone, you'll get a reward in the form of Scatter Slots coins. This reward just adds up to your balance.

And here's a cool part: if a coin falls into the moving coin basket, the slot starts spinning. When you hit a winning combo, extra coins join your balance. To find out more about how much you can win, take a peek at the pay table. Easy, right? 😼

Keep track of your spins on the slot's spin counter – it tells you how many spins you have left.

When you win, a notification pops up to let you know about your reward. The fun detail is that the color of the reward notification changes based on the type of coin you've won—whether it's bronze, silver, gold, or diamond.

You can boost your rewards by using special boosters. When you enter an event for the first time, the progress bars of boosters are full, allowing you one free use. If you want to activate them again, you'll have to buy them with gems. The price will be visible below the boost.

There are three boosters available:

  • Shake Booster activates the shaking of the Coin Pusher desk, causing some coins to fall into the payable zone.

  • Walls Booster raises the walls, preventing items on the Coin Pusher desk from falling off the left and right sides. If the booster is not activated, items falling from the sides aren't payable.

  • Huge Push Booster creates a big push, causing all coins and items to fall from the Coin Pusher desk into the payable zone.

❗Note: The Walls booster can be used simultaneously with Shake and Huge Push. But Shake and Huge Push cannot be used at the same time. If one of these two boosters is in progress, the button of the other booster is inactive and not clickable during the booster action.

The Coin Pusher event is calling your name! Step into the action and discover the thrill of each coin drop, where every push could lead to cat-tastic surprises. Join the Coin Pusher event and unlock a world of fun, anticipation, and the chance to score incredible rewards.🐾