Get ready for an exhilarating adventure to claim a truly extraordinary reward - a staggering 12X Boost that lasts a whopping 100 minutes! Brace yourself as we unveil an opportunity that's bound to ignite your excitement: the ultimate Raffle Lottery challenge!

With the third in-game purchase, where the Raffle lottery is available, you'll be gifted an Unbelievable Raffle ticket 🎟️, setting the stage for your journey towards unparalleled furr-tune. Mind, that you’ll see the special Raffle icon that indicates the presence of the lottery in the Buy Menu and Gift Offers.


Picture this: the more of these tickets you hold, the closer you inch towards the coveted title of a triumphant victor. As the curtain falls on the Lottery event, brace yourself to join the ranks of 3,000 lucky champions, each set to revel in the spoils of their triumph. 

❗Please, note that the date of the winners' announcement will be displayed in the informational pop-up.

Embrace the thrill and let fortune favor the bold! Best of luck on your quest for grandeur!