Feeling lucky today? How about multiplying the coins you are going to purchase?

This is why the Cash Bash exists!

To activate the offer, you’ll need to make any purchase in the game, where the Cash Bash icon indicates its presence. Afterward, you'll get the chance to participate in the mini-game and win a multiplier of up to 25x for the same price! Do not worry; it is not possible to lose it. You will win one of the multipliers anyway, so there is no risk at all!

When the mini-game starts, just tap squares and fill in the multiplier progress bars. The bar that is filled first will give you the corresponding multiplier. 

❗ Paw-lease note that this offer affects coins only.

It is also worth mentioning that in the end, you get the coins that you’ve won in the mini-game. The initial coins purchased in your order to get to the mini-game are already included in the winnings in the Cash Bash.

So if you have bought 12.000.000 coins and have won x3, you will get 36.000.000 coins. 

❗ As this is a timed offer, you need to be online to use it.