Our game itself does not require any password but it uses your Facebook / Apple ID login and password to make the connection as well as a password for making purchases through various stores.

You can find out how to change or recover the password for: 


🟡  Facebook - http://bit.ly/FB_password 

🟡  iTunes - http://bit.ly/iOS_password 

🟡  Google Play - http://bit.ly/gp_password

🟡  PayPalhttp://bit.ly/pp_password 

🟡  Huawei storebit.ly/3sumosr

🟡  Microsoft - bit.ly/3PfC7nR

🟡 Amazon - bit.ly/3OR9pZj


❗️Note: Please use this link if you need to recover your Facebook account - http://bit.ly/fb_account_recovery 

In order to restore access to the compromised page please follow this link - https://www.facebook.com/hacked