Embrace the Clan Roles: Unite, Thrive, Triumph!

Step into the heart of our game's clan system, where roles intertwine to weave the tapestry of unity. Here, every role carries its unique mantle of responsibilities and rewards, nurturing a cooperative haven where collaboration is the key to conquest.

Let's delve into the unique roles that clans offer:

πŸ”˜ Leader: The Leader is a crucial role in the Clan and has all privileges. The first Leader of the Clan is the original creator of the Clan. If the Leader decides to leave the Clan, they must choose a successor to take on this important role.

πŸ”˜ Vice: The Vice is a temporary role that performs the functions of the Clan Leader when the Leader becomes inactive. To become Vice, you need to be active, chosen from Trusted members, and have the highest Points collected for the Clan. If no Trusted members meet the requirements, the Vice role will be assigned to a Member with the highest Points, and if there are multiple candidates, the player who joined the Clan earlier will become Vice.

πŸ”˜ Trusted: Trusted members are essential contributors to the Clan and have proven their reliability and dedication. Only the Clan Leader or Vice have the power to make members Trusted

πŸ”˜ Member: Recently joined players start as Members. They are valuable participants in the Clan's activities and progress.

Within the tapestry of Clans, the roles of Leader and Vice are the foundation of triumph.  The Vice role acts as a backup when the Leader becomes inactive and if the Vice decides to leave the Clan, a new Vice will be assigned instantly.

☞ Paw-lease note! A symphony of rewards awaits all who stand united. Every victory in the game – a Big Win, a triumphant shield mission, a purchase – they trigger a cascade of shared prizes. Coins and card packs, treasures that foster camaraderie, are the currency of your shared odyssey.

In the Clans feature, every clan starts at level 1. They can level up by earning XP, which is only obtained by completing Heroic Heists.

When a clan earns enough XP, it automatically goes up to the next level. The amount of XP needed for each level is the same for all clans. 

As you forge ahead, remember that every XP earned is a badge of your commitment to excellence. So go forth, conquer heroic heists, and revel in the rewards that await at every level. Your journey is a shared endeavor, and together, you'll rise to greatness.