Welcome to the vibrant realm of Clans, where unity, strategy, and shared triumphs converge. In the world of Scatter Slots, clans aren't just features – they're the essence of the community itself. Joining a clan can enhance your gaming experience and open doors to exciting collaborations and amazing rewards. 

There are three methods available for discovering and joining existing clans:

πŸ“œ Path 1: The Clan List πŸ“œ:  The Clan List is a curated sequence of clans, presenting the most suitable options at the top. The Clan List follows Clan recommendations to suggest the best matches for players, ensuring they find clans that align with their preferences.

πŸ“œ Path 2: "Lucky Join!" Button πŸ“œ:  The "Lucky Join!" button offers a convenient way to instantly join the most fitting public clan. With a single click, you are seamlessly connected to a clan that suits your needs, eliminating the need for manual searching or selection.

πŸ“œ Path 3: Search by Name πŸ“œ:  You can use the "Search by name" feature to find specific clans by entering their exact name. This method enables you to locate and join clans, even if they are inactive, full, or have a higher status level. By knowing the exact clan name, you can easily connect with the desired community.

Dive into the world of clans and discover the joy of collaborating with others who share your passion for Scatter Slots. Strategize together, conquer challenges, and celebrate victories as a united force. 

Ready to take the leap? Choose your path to joining a clan, and let the adventure begin!