Unite Your Warriors: A Journey to Crafting Your Own Clan in Scatter Slots.

Embark on a thrilling odyssey beyond the realms of mere gaming, as we unveil the secrets of creating your very own Clan in the enchanting universe of Scatter Slots. 

So, are you ready to raise your banner high and lead your companions to grandeur?

To create a Clan, you must meet specific criteria. This includes having the Clans feature enabled, reaching a minimum required progress in the game, not being a member of any other Clan, and having the necessary number of gems to complete the creation process. And should your path diverge, remember, a new Clan can rise from the ashes.

The price for creating a new Clan is carefully balanced to ensure fairness and a meaningful commitment. The player who takes the initiative to create a Clan becomes the respected Clan Leader, responsible for guiding the Clan towards success.

To create a clan in Scatter Slots, you'll need to provide the following information:

1) Icon: Please select an icon that will serve as your clan's visual representation.


2) Clan Name: Choose a unique and memorable name for your clan.

3) Clan Description: Write a brief description that outlines the purpose and goals of your clan, as well as any specific joining requirements.


4) Private Clan Option: If you prefer to make your clan private, simply check the corresponding box. This ensures that players will need approval before joining.


5) Required Status for Entering the Clan: Specify any minimum criteria or conditions players must meet to join your clan.

Summon your fellow adventurers, ignite the torches of unity, and set forth into the uncharted realm of Clans! Your destiny beckons and the symphony of conquest awaits. Onward, brave souls, and let the echoes of triumph ring through Clans 🏆