Introducing a New Era in Scatter Slots: Unite with Clans!

Greetings, adventurous souls! Get ready to take your gaming experience to a whole new level with our latest feature: Clans! Brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey of camaraderie, strategy, and action-packed adventures that await in the realm of Scatter Slots. 


Becoming a part of a Clan is simple and thrilling! Join forces with players who share your dreams and goals (here you can find out how to join a Clan). Forge your destiny by creating your own Clan or joining an existing one. (Need to create your own Clan? Click here). To prove your mettle, tackle the epic first paywall mission and gain entry to the ranks of the chosen.

Every Clan starts with a mighty ten members, but that's just the beginning. Conquer challenges and upgrade your Clan to expand its size and unlock incredible rewards. All members of a Clan receive periodic rewards based on the cumulative progress achieved by the Clan, whether it's conquering the Heroic Heist or leveling up the Clan itself. More about Heroic Heist here.

The call for unity resonates with no price tag – joining a Clan is your gateway to the world of collaboration, all without spending a single coin. However, creating a Clan requires a certain number of gems. And remember, we offer a path of discounts for those who aspire to helm their own Clan.


Get ready to step into the shoes of a leader, vice, trusted member, or valuable contributor to the clan – the power of choice rests in your hands! More details about Clan roles are here.

And the rewards extend beyond the tangible, for your unity during the Heroic Heist brings forth Clan XP. Your shared achievements ripple through the entire clan, an intangible treasure that solidifies your unity and prowess.

Say goodbye to solitary quests and solo adventures – Clans are here to revolutionize your gaming world!