Meet our new paw-some Scatter Twist event! 


Here you have the chance to roll the dice that you can earn while spinning in slots or buy it. Using dice, you may proceed with the passage on the map with different rewards.

There are 2 types of dice - the 6-sided and the 8-sided one. Each of them has 4 colors, however, the better-sided die contains the colors with bigger rewards on the map. Dice can be received on any bet!

A little hint: a higher bet gives a chance to obtain better dice for your map.

Besides the colors, the cell on the event map can have such items:

  • Check Point;

  • Plinko game;

  • Chest;

  • Teleport (entrance or exit).

If you stand in the Check Point cell or have just passed it - you will automatically receive the reward. 

When you reach the Scatter Plinko cell, you can play this game immediately or proceed with the passage and play later when the current Scatter Twist map is active.

Chests are also present on the map. The reward will be credited only if you stand on the cell with a Chest, not pass it.

If you reach the Teleport, it will bring you further toward the cells in the end. There is no possibility for it to bring you back on the map.

There you will get a reward from one of the Chests and, after that, an amazing Final Reward!


Enjoy it!