With the right cat-itude,  even magic is paw-sible.
This is why we introduce the magic Premium Stamps!
Premium Stamps is an upgraded version of our Payment Progress feature (the 5th Free Purchase).
Each purchase in the Buy Menu contains at least 1 Premium Stamp:
Collect these Stamps and get the reward in a chest:
The main advantage of this system over the Free Purchase is that now you do not have to buy the same purchase multiple times to get the bonus.
❗ Note that you have restricted time to collect all stamps, or they will disappear! So hurry up!
Each purchase that contains the Magic Stamp moves you closer to a final reward!
Paw-lease note that not all the purchases in the game contain Premium Stamps  (VIP subscription, Gift Offers, Scatter Pass, Battle Pass, etc.).
You can check the list of purchases in the Buy Menu.