Once you reach level 2, the Hourly Bonus is unlocked, so don't waste time - go collect it!
Every hour our players receive 30 seconds of free spins. The faster you tap the 'Spin' button, the more spins you complete during these 30 seconds.

Want to make winnings bigger? Not a problem!

We'll gladly help you! Tap the 'Upgrades' button and upgrade your gems with upgrade points (you get an upgrade point after filling the flask)! The higher their level is, the bigger your possible winning becomes (you can see it if you tap on one of the items).
On the top right corner, you can see your current Upgrade Points Total(1).
The price for the next upgradу is displayed under each icon(2).
Each icon has its own level shown in the top right corner of each icon(3).
After each spin, you get a breakdown of all your wins. This will help you to choose which symbol to upgrade first.

How to gain even more coins?

There are two extra cells which you can access:
- by inviting 5 friends (they need to download the game and connect it to their Facebook account);
- by purchasing any item in the game.
Is one spin not enough for you? Make another one without waiting for an hour by using your gems.
More winnings for our players!