The number of events and bonuses in our game can make you feel like a kid in a candy store.
But there is nothing to worry about! You can find everything and even more by clicking the 'BONUS ROOM' button:
In your Bonus Room, you can:

1. Play Scatter Lottery every 15 minutes by scratching a card.

2. Collect an Hourly Bonus every hour by tapping the spinning button in the scatter slot as fast as you can within 30 seconds.

3. Get eight pickaxes in Hourly Bonus to spin the Jackpot Wheel and get the opportunity to win a huge Jackpot.

Paw-lease note: once you reach the limit of the daily spins in the Jackpot Wheel, you’ll see the remaining time needed for its next activation. 

Moreover, you may get the chance to boost your Jackpot Wheel and purr-chase additional spin with the multiplied sectors. That’s a paw-sibility to hit a Super Jackpot as well!

Come and get it!