The one time of the day when knights are willing to work is during the knightshift.
Have you ever wanted to taste some chivalry? Welcome to the Knightly Quests!

From time to time, a notice board with contracts appears near the Murka castle.
You can always check these contracts without leaving the slot you’re playing:

Paw-lease note that our Majesty knows the value of time, so all the contracts have expiration times:

- Each task has its own reset time. Choose wisely, as the progress is not transferred in case you do not manage to complete the quest in time.

- A new day comes with a new Daily Prize. All the completed tasks vanish when the Daily Prize resets.

The far-right contract is the one for the bravest and riskiest knights of all. It can be unlocked by purchasing access to premium rewards in the Rush event.
To get the Daily Prize, you need to fulfill several contracts till the event resets. Each performed contract gives you 1 seal.

Many contracts have their own restrictions, as some slots may not have the features required to complete the quest.
So please keep an eye on the event marker, it will always tell you if the mission can be completed in your current slot.

 ❗ Paw-lease note that the event works online only!