Welcome to the Scatter Legends world!
Scatter Legends is an exciting opportunity to get extra coins, gems, upgrade points, and XP boosters by assembling the collection of your favorite characters. Get special Wallets, complete the collection, and get great rewards!
You can get special Wallets by:
- spinning in slots;
- spinning in Hourly Bonus;
- purchasing in the buy menu.
There are four types of Wallets of different ranks. The higher your bet, the higher the rank of the Wallet. Open the Wallet in the event and check what cards Fortune has prepared for you. There are three colors of cards: blue, purple, and yellow. Each collection may have different colors of cards to collect.
Get coins for each card, and receive an enormous reward for completing the full collection.
When you gather all the collections, you will be rewarded with an extraordinary surprise!
Coins, gems, upgrade points, and XP boosters! You will have a chance to complete collections again with greater difficulty and much bigger rewards.
Spin in slots, get packs, complete the collection, and get great rewards!
P.S. All the cards that can't be used at the current level will be saved for further use.