First of all, please check the Storage (for WIndows \Smartphone app's only) on your device and free some space if needed. You see, our game requires at least 1.5 GB of RAM space due to its amazing graphics, plenty of slots, the individual soundtrack.

Please tap the Settings and choose Storage (for WIndows \Smartphone app's only), delete some open slots.

Thus you'll free some space, and you'll be able to load the slots you've deleted before for free whenever you want.

Then check your Internet connection; it has to be perfect. Reset your Wi-Fi router if needed.

After that, please force your game to close:

Please try to do the following:
- go to the Settings of your device,
- Choose ‘manage applications,’ tap on the ‘Scatter Slots,’ and ‘force close’ it. Then close all your running apps and restart your device.
- This Link may be useful.

This Link will help you.
Then close all your running apps and restart your device.

If you face some difficulties with our game in the browser, we advise you to use Google Chrome. Here's the Link for downloading.
If you already use it - please clear the cache and cookies. It's very easy. Follow the link to see the step-by-step instructions.

To avoid freezes while you are playing the game on your PC through the Microsoft Sore, please try to force your game to close and restart your PC.
Also, you may try to update the game to the latest version or reinstall it using the Microsoft Store application.

Please follow these recommendations and contact our team from the game settings if the issue persists!