The shields represent your status points. You can check how many status points you have and your current status in your Buy Menu.

There is a shield in the upper-left corner. Tap it, and you will see all the information about possible statuses and benefits which they provide you with.
The higher your status is, the more benefits you get in the game. You move from one Status to the next when you get enough status points (you can see your progress on the progress bar at the top).
You can get status points by completing levels and making purchases (each action earns a set number of status points).
The benefits are as follows:
  • Once you get a warrior status, you will receive VIP support. Faster and more loyal;
  • The King status unlocks all available slots for you;
  • ‘Extra Coins’ means that you get a certain % of extra coins when you purchase any package;
  • ‘Status Points’ means that you get more status points for completing levels or buying coins;
  • ‘Scatter Slot’ means more coins in Scatter Slot winnings;