Do you enjoy statistics and exact information about everything as much as we do?
Then you should check your Profile!
To find it, just tap the 'Cogwheel' button in your lobby.
You will find the Profile button there.
You know what to do :3
There you can find out the most important information about your playing process:
- Your name in the game;
- Current level;
- The number of likes that you've gotten from other players;
- Your current status (shield);
- The number of VIP days on your balance;
- Maximum Payouts (in general, from the Free Spins, Bonus Games, and Scatter Slot);
- Total spins made;
- Total Scatter Slot games played;
- Total Jackpot wins;
- Available slots and the favorite ones;
- The most profitable slot (according to your playing progress in the Free Mode);
- Installation date;
- Total days consecutive check-in;
- The number of friends;
If you tap the other tab, which is 'Tournaments,' you'll be able to check your results in all slots that you have ever used for playing. The switcher allows you to choose between visualizing the best or, rather, actual results, which is very useful for creating a personal playing strategy.