Pay once - get rewards all the month!
That’s how our VIP subscription can be described.
For $2,99, you get the unique opportunity to get free extra coins, gems, and upgrade points every day. Attractive, isn’t it?
Why $5? It means that you will get in coins and gems for a price equal to $5.
It means that you will get coins and gems for a price equal to the $5 package:
  • 6.000.000 coins - $2.50
  • 10 gems - $2.50
  • upgrade points as an additional bonus.
Vip Subscription is an excellent offer to get coins and gems for a small price every day!
And here’s another cool thing about the VIP subscription: the higher your Status is, the bigger your daily reward becomes.
However, we do have some rules!
The countdown starts right after purchasing on the same day and doesn’t pause if you skip. So try to avoid skipping days if you don’t want to waste your rewards. And don't forget to check your Internet connection before playing since this reward works only when you're online.

Please note that you receive status points only once with each purchase of the VIP subscription.