Passed the last level on the map?
Let's celebrate it by unlocking the special VIP Slots!

The VIP Slots become available when you complete all the levels in the game. So feel free to play them as much as you want to!

By the way, you have some time for the last preparations. The slots appear on your map once you finish level 600, and they are waiting for you at the end of the map.

There are seven VIP Slots, and it is up to you to decide which one to choose first! But here are some tips:

- Check out the place where the fortune meets opportunities and transforms into Jackpots that are waiting to be won - play the Passion slot!

- If you hear this mysterious hooting, then it's high time to meet the Hooting Owl!

- If you feel like fighting demons, then the Fireman in Hell is waiting for you!

- We bet the VIP slot Mighty Little Beasts will provide you with the fascinating experience of overcoming dire Magic beasts!
- Pluck up your courage, and be prepared for the epic battle in the Battle for Scatterland!
- Explore the underwater world and win huge in the slot Sea Song!
- Want to charge your jackpot to the MAX? Meet Flash Mage, a master of electricity, science, and magic!