Level 45 is quite a unique one. Why?
This is level when you unlock the Battle Mode!
In the Batlle Mode, you can compete with other players.
The first mission you accomplish here automatically puts you in the standings, and the tournament begins!
Collect the trophies for completed missions, move up in the rankings, and be the best! And if you become one of the top 3 players, you get the exclusive opportunity to make bigger bets (respectively) in any open Slot in the Battle Mode, as well as fame and in-game currency reward.
Reached the top in one slot? Do the same in the other ones - they all have separate tournaments, so try your luck and leave others trailing in your dust.
If you do not want to spend your coins to get to 1st place in the tournament, you are not obliged. There are no rewards for winning trophies, but you can spin all the slots to build up more coins and get ready for complicated missions on the map.
What is more, whenever we release a new slot, we make it available in the Battle Mode, so all our players can play it regardless of where they are on the map.