Welcome to the outstanding social casino game - Scatter Slots!

Fascinating graphics, unforgettable emotions, and tons of fun!

A short brief of how to play and how to navigate in our game:
  • There is a lobby with a map where you may choose the slot and pass the levels receiving huge rewards.
    Each slot has some missions you need to complete to open new slots and levels. You need to tap on the available mission, and there you will see slots and a big button, “SPIN.” Just click on it, and the game will be launched!
  • Apart from the levels and missions, there are plenty of various events (Scatter Tower, Daily Rush, Scatter Journey, etc.) and features (Bonuses, Daily Adventure, Scatter Champions, etc.) which expand the game world and may boost your progress. You also may find them on the map.

Just don’t be afraid to tap on different blinking buttons and icons. They will give you a lot of info!

The further you get, the more excited the journey will be!
Good luck!